I love s’mores and the outdoors. Via my blog, I hope to help others enhance their outdoor experiences so they may enjoy them more frequently. In other words, I want to use technology to subvert one of the side effects of technology, less time outdoors and in the physical company of others. We love camping, hiking, and especially tandem bicycle riding.

Everyone loves the idea of s’mores, and the process of making them. Between the nostalgia and the fun-for-all-ages group activity, s’mores are hard to beat. Unfortunately, most adults I know are not actually that excited to eat a traditional s’more. Their palates have matured, or maybe only the most delicious desserts cross their threshold of “worth the calories”.

Mr. Smith and I started taking much longer camping trips a few years ago, often going for a month at a time. We just could not face the same old s’more more than once a week, but we still wanted dessert after hard days of physical activity. I started playing with variations on the s’more, and I found them to be yummy and fun. Really, the s’more works much better as a format than a recipe. Sandwiches, haiku, and symphonies provide a structure within which a huge amount of creativity is possible. It turns out the s’more is much the same. I hope you enjoy my creations, and welcome feedback for improvements or variations.