Blueberry Pie à la Mode S’mores

Blueberry Pie à la Mode S'mores

Blueberry pie à la mode s’mores are at once familiar and completely different. S’mores are really just a dessert sandwich. Much like changing the bread can improve a sandwich, changing the cookie can transform the s’more. This blueberry pie variant on the s’more sandwich will impress your guests at your next cookout, or give the family something to rave over on your next camping trip. It has all the components of a s’more, including the deliciousness, but it tastes completely different.

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For this recipe, blueberry flavor comes from two of the three components, and three of the four layers. Then a good vanilla marshmallow tops the whole thing off. It is difficult to take ice cream camping with you, but you can have a version of pie a la mode with this recipe.

The Cookie

The blueberry cookie is really the star here. It provides two layers of ‘pie filling’. Our favorite was a thumbprint-style cookie, with a shortbread crust and a blueberry jam filling. Homemade or bakery ones would be fantastic. Since part of the beauty of the s’more is its simplicity, a good store bought one is still delicious. Should these prove unavailable, many varieties of fig and blueberry filled cookies are on the market. The blueberry flavor does not come through as much with these varieties, so using blueberry chocolates will be essential if you choose this cookie.

The Chocolates

We experimented with four types of chocolate. Two varieties of blueberry-filled chocolates appear on my store shelves this week. Lindt has a limited edition springtime blueberry white chocolate truffle. Truffles are the wrong shape for s’mores, especially these spherical ones. Fortunately, a quick smush in the wrapper fixes this problem. The blueberry filling is very light and will melt quite easily. In fact, following this discovery, I may use truffles more often in my s’mores. I like really melty chocolate. Mr. Smith really enjoyed the subtle blueberry flavor and creamy texture the smashed truffle added to the s’more. A dark chocolate square with blueberry filling is available from Ghiradelli. I like dark chocolate with everything, so this is my go-to. These squares also melt easily and the filling provides a softness to the chocolate layer. Thick or unmelted chocolates can be difficult to bite into.

We also tried a dark chocolate bar with dried blueberries. While this bar is generally delicious, dried blueberries do not invoke memories of pie the same way a filling does. We recommend saving this bar for more traditional s’mores. Also, solid bars do not melt as easily. A final option is to use a plain white chocolate bar in place of the blueberry chocolates. This adds a subtle white chocolate flavor and creaminess to the s’more, melting easily. Your cookies will have to carry all the blueberry flavor, but good ones will.

The Marshmallows

Like the ice cream topper on a diner pie, your marshmallow plays a supporting role in this dish. Still, real vanilla flavor will enhance the overall sense of pie with ice cream in a way that roasted fluff cannot. Locally, I can find vanilla marshmallows from Smashmallow and Hammond’s. Both are quite good, and Mr. Smith and I really have no preference. The deciding factor for most will be availability and price.

I hope you enjoy this light and fruity twist on the classic s’more. Let me know what you think, or if you find any different ingredients that enhance it.

Blueberry Pie à la Mode S’mores

Yield: Makes 4 S’mores

  • 8 blueberry filled cookies
  • 4 blueberry filled chocolates, white or dark
  • 4 – 8 vanilla marshmallows, roasted lightly
Visual ingredient list for blueberry pie s'mores, option one.
Visual ingredient list, option one.
Visual ingredient list, option two.
Visual ingredient list, option two.

To preserve the vanilla flavor and retain some lightness to the overall s’more, I recommend a gentle warming and light toasting of the marshmallow. For more detailed instructions, see my post on marshmallow cooking methods. If you use the thumbprint cookie, you will have to turn the top one upside down to keep your fingers from getting sticky. An added bonus is that this helps everything stick together pretty well.

Blueberry Pie à la Mode S'more with Filled Cookies.
Blueberry Pie à la Mode S’more with Filled Cookies.

See my post on scaling s’more ingredients for different numbers of servings.

Blueberry Pie S’mores are great with cinnamon tea.

As always, I recommend coffee or milk with any s’more. Fortunately, this one also pairs really well with tea, hot or cold. I like cinnamon or almond tea to complement the blueberries. Mine usually come from Celestial Seasonings, as my stores carry many flavors of this local brand.

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