Campfire Peach Melba

Campfire Peach Melba

Campfire Peach Melba adapts the much-loved dessert for the constraints of campfire cooking and limited refrigeration. Does your family love fresh peaches and the outdoors? Tired of traditional s’mores? (Not if you read this blog regularly, I hope.) Serve your family this wonderful campfire adaption of Peach Melba.

Peach Melba is a famously simple, elegant dessert. Fresh peaches are served alongside some ice cream with fresh raspberry puree. A famous chef thought up the dish and named it after an opera star, but all of its deliciousness comes from Mother Nature. The chef just needs to stay out of her way, resisting the urge to ruin the delicious fruits she produced.

For the campfire version, the peaches are grilled and paired up with marshmallows and raspberry-filled chocolates. These items are easy to transport and make use of the wonderful campfire you already built to cook your dinner.

(Don’t you love?) Grilled Peaches

August has some of Colorado’s best eating, because the Palisade peaches are finally ready. I wait all year, then binge several peaches each day until they run out. It seems like we are lucky to get a month of local peach availability, with bad years only providing peaches for a few weeks.

Select very fresh ripe peaches for maximum deliciousness. Freestones will e easier to pit than clings. I give the peach halves a quick turn on the grill when I am using them for dessert, then allow them to cool while the marshmallows roast.

Campfire Peach Melba with Caramel.
Grilled Peaches and Roasted Marshmallows, almost ready to be topped by a raspberry-filled chocolate.


For the campfire version of Peach Melba, roasted marshmallows and whipped cream take the place of ice cream, and raspberry-filled chocolates substitute for raspberry puree.

Ice cream is nearly impossible to take camping. My cooler can keep some whipped cream though. (I use a vegan brand made from coconut, since dairy products don’t like me). Mr. Smith prefers the traditional variety in the spray can.

Fresh raspberries don’t travel well either, plus making puree at camp could be daunting. Fortunately, raspberry-filled chocolates are easy to find, delicious, and go nicely with any dessert. A small jar of raspberry jam could also be substituted.

Campfire Peach Melba variation with Caramel Chocolates.

Campfire Peach Melba

Course Dessert


  • 2 ripe Peaches
  • 2 Raspberry-filled Chocolates
  • 4 Coconut or Vanilla Marshmallows
  • Whipped Cream or Coco Whip
  • 4 Marashino Cherries if desired


  • Wash, split, and pit the peaches.
  • Grill quickly on both sides over a well-oiled campfire grate until the peaches are slightly warmed and have grill marks. Be careful not to burn or overcook.
  • Roast marshmallows on skewers while peaches rest and cool.
  • Top peaches with marshmallows, chocolates, whipped cream, and cherries (if desired).

If you missed peach season, you can always try campfire desserts with bananas, like Banana Bread Campfire Cones.

Find more great campfire dessert ideas in Elevated S’mores, a family fun recipe book available on Amazon.

Beverage Pairing

Peaches pair beautifully with slightly acidic white wines, with balanced sweetness. A little effervescence in the wine will complement the peaches. Vinho Verde and Prosecco pair nicely, and both quite affordable and delicious. Wines that are too sweet will make the peaches seem sharp or bitter by comparison. If they are too dry, the wine will taste like orange juice after toothpaste. 🙁

Bourbon is, of course, wonderful with peaches. Try a Colorado-distilled one with your Colorado peaches.

For children and teetotalers, raspberry-flavored sparking water or almond tea would make wonderful choices.

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