Coconut Cream Pie S’mores

Coconut cream pie s’mores combine creamy truffles with a soft, gooey, toasted coconut marshmallows to produce a pie-like s’more on a graham cracker crust. Try these for dessert to really elevate your camp cooking to “glamping”. Even if you don’t sleep or travel that way, you still deserve to eat well.

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Coconut Marshmallows: These toasted coconut marshmallows are my favorite marshmallow, and I have tried many brands and many flavors. Hand made by Hammond’s in Colorado, these treats are worth ordering. If you want to use plain or vanilla marshmallows, you can probably sprinkle the sticky marshmallows and melted chocolate with coconut. Let me know how it goes if you give this a try. I have been trying to create my own coatings for purchased marshmallows, but I can’t get much to stick.

Truffles: I love the creamy texture of truffles on a s’more. Coconut cream filled ones have the soft texture and intense coconut flavor reminiscent of a cream pie. They soften and melt much more easily than chocolate bars. The round shapes from Lindt just need a smash or to be cut in half. If you like, other coconut chocolate bars could be substituted for the truffle. While this maintains the coconut flavor, you lose the creamy pie texture.

Cookies: The pie-crust like graham cracker provides a traditional base for this s’more. For a less traditional approach and more coconut flavor, a coconut cookie could replace the graham.

Coconut Cream Pie S’mores

Coconut Cream Pie S'mores Ingredients
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Yield: One s’more

  • 2 Coconut truffles, split in half or smashed
  • Two toasted coconut marshmallows
  • One graham cracker, broken in half

Split the coconut truffle in half, or smash it in the wrapper, and place on half of the graham cracker. Warm the marshmallow, using caution not to burn the coconut coating. See my post on marshmallow roasting options and instructions. Place on the truffle and allow to sit for a minute or two to soften the chocolate. Top with the remaining half graham cracker then enjoy!

The math is done for you! Scale s’mores for different numbers of servings, especially for events.

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