Elevated S’mores – A Camp Cookbook

Elevated S'mores Book Cover

The new Elevated S’mores cookbook makes a great gift for campers, scout troop leaders, and anyone with a backyard fire pit. Let every camper try their favorite dessert in s’more form. Impress your guests with easy, nostalgic treats they make themselves! This s’mores camping cookbook contains lots of photos, menu suggestions, and even beverage pairings to inspire you.

Find over 40 recipes for creative s’mores designed to please any palate. S’mores masquerade as banana pudding, peanut butter pretzels, molten chocolate cake, and lots of other desserts. See example recipes at Coconut Cream Pie S’mores, Banana Bread Campfire Cones, Blueberry Pie √† la Mode S’mores and Mexican Hot Chocolate S’mores.

Four sections present a wide varieties of simple camping desserts for you to choose from. Delicious variations on traditional s’mores satisfy any sweet tooth. Fruity s’mores mimic summer-favorite pies and cobblers. The sweet and savory s’mores go way beyond salted caramel to please mature palates. Some even include bacon! The final section includes options for other campfire desserts, equally simple and delicious.

For help finding any difficult to source ingredients for the recipes in the book, check our up to date list of recommended items and sources.

Learn how to adapt the s’mores recipes for special diets (gluten-friendly, vegan, etc).

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