Serving Sizes for S’mores

S’mores are pretty easy to size for your family or camping trip, but it can get complicated if you are hosting an event, like an outdoor wedding or barbecue. The guidelines below should help. This table assumes 2 s’mores per person.

11 oz.1 oz.2 – 4
44 oz. 4 oz. 4 – 8
258 4 oz. bags specialty8 3-4 oz. bars5 boxes specialty
(approx 7 oz. package)
253 10 oz. bags20 1.5 oz. bars2 boxes
(approx 14 oz. package)

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Scaling S’mores for Events

Shopping tips for larger groups, allows 2 s’mores per person:

Marshmallows: about 1 oz per person (approx. 4 marshmallows)

My preferred cinnamon marshmallows come in a 4 oz bag, while the standard grocery store bag is around 10 oz.

Chocolate bars: about 1 oz. per person

Chocolate chili bars are typically 3-4 oz. each. Plain milk chocolate bars that you find near the checkout stand in grocery stores are about 1.5 oz.

Cookies: 2-4 cookies per person.

Package sizes for cookies very widely among brands. Organic, gluten-free, and other more specialized products will probably come in much smaller packages. I used gluten-free cinnamon grahams that come in a roughly 8 oz. package. It contains enough cookies for about 12 smaller s’mores or 6 people. The package of graham crackers from the large, national brand is about twice that size.

*Cookie numbers vary by cookie type. Grahams and sandwich cookies can be split in half to make a s’more, so the serving is one cookie per s’more. Other cookies, such as shortbread, fruit filled, or vanilla wafers, require 2 cookies per s’more.

Neatness Tip:

I place all of this in a cupcake liner or on a piece of foil to contain the mess. If you like those larger, double-graham-cracker-sized smores, try a 4″ coffee filter as a holder. In my experience, the s’more holders are especially appreciated by guests in nice clothing, who might otherwise deny themselves the pleasure of a s’more in order to preserve both their dignity and their wardrobe. The childlike delight s’mores often paint across the faces of adults make that little extra effort worthwhile.

Serving tips for larger groups:

Prepare a whole set of individual servings in baking cups with cookies and chocolate ahead of time. You can even skewer the marshmallows ahead if you plan to use bamboo skewers, though I generally prefer reusable long metal forks with sturdy non-conductive handles for safety.

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