Campfire Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Campfire Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows recall nostalgic Thanksgiving meals, but this same dish makes a great campfire dessert. It seems more like pumpkin pie.

To make this easy dessert, just top campfire roasted sweet potatoes with butter, cinnamon, and marshmallows. The hard part is choosing between softened and roasted marshmallows.

For softened ones, add marshmallows to your hot potato then wait for it to melt. Otherwise, skewer up and roast a couple until nicely browned.

Campfire Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes
Campfire Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

How to make them

Wrap two small sweet potatoes in damp paper towels then cover completely with a layer of heavy duty aluminum foil. Nestle these guys into hot coals in your campfire.

Rotate about every 20 minutes to promote even cooking.

Roast until the potatoes yield easily when squeezed. The time will vary based on potatoes size and shape, but 60 – 90 minutes is about right.

If you plan ahead, you can hurry the process along. Microwave sweet potatoes at home and store in your cooler, then wrap as above and warm in the coals about 20 minutes.

Add butter, cinnamon, and soft or roasted marshmallows to the potatoes and enjoy.

Let the potatoes cool for several minutes before you eat them.

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