Triple Tuxedo S’mores – for a more formal s’mores station.

Triple Tuxedo S'mores

Triple Tuxedo S’mores are the perfect choice for an elevated s’mores station. Chocolate sandwich cookies, dark and white chocolate, and tuxedo marshmallows create a delicious and beautiful combination. The alternating layers make an elegant, stunning presentation, while this self-assembled dessert invites even the youngest of guests to partake.

Substitute for a Groom’s Cake

Triple Tuxedo S’mores make a perfect substitute for a groom’s cake. S’mores are nostalgic and interactive, and the black and white ingredients dress it all up for your wedding or outdoor gathering. The tuxedo s’mores station will delight and impress. Want to mix it up a bit more? Add White Dress S’mores, a pillowy, pale confection (Recipe found in Elevated S’mores, buy on Amazon).

S’mores Are Easily Adapted to Accommodate Many Special Diets

Looking for a dessert alternative to accommodate a variety of special diets? Look no farther than s’mores. Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, even paleo ingredients can be found and used in these s’mores. Seek guidance from the Elevated S’more recommended s’more ingredients list, and check out the post on adapting s’mores to special diets.

Tuxedo S'mores Station
Tuxedo S’mores Station with sandwich cookies, dark and white chocolate, and tuxedo marshmallows.

The Ingredients

The marshmallow forms the heart of a s’more, and without a tuxedo marshmallow these would be a bit plain-jane. A local Denver candy maker (Hammonds) creates these, but they are available to buy online. Most of their handmade marshmallows have transitioned to non-GMO, corn-free tapioca syrup and other clean-eating ingredients. Even better, these marshmallows are flavorful and soft. They puff up and become a beautiful brown when roasted. Store bought marshmallows are chewy and flavorless, better for burning than eating. I encourage you to try these or some other quality marshmallow, they will totally elevate your s’mores.

Sandwich cookies and chocolates are a very personal choice, and easily available. Though the flavor profile of the cookies is the same, the ingredients can vary wildly. Vegan and gluten-free ones can be found, but the usual supermarket choice contains both wheat and animal fat. Select your according to your taste and budget.

You might try a dark chocolate with a bit higher cocoa percentage than you would typically eat by itself. I find that the cookie and marshmallow mitigate the bitterness of very dark chocolate, and I enjoy the extra chocolate flavor it imparts to the whole sandwich.

Triple Tuxedo S’mores

Course Dessert


  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Bars or Squares
  • White Chocolate Bars or Squares
  • Tuxedo Marshmallows


  • Provide a s'mores station for your guests to assemble their own treats.

Beverage Pairing

Coffee pairs well with all s’mores, and most desserts. The dark chocolate in these desserts is especially great with coffee. Champagne pairs well with almost any food, but for dessert pairings a slightly sweeter choice will be most enjoyable. Either a Prosecco or semi-sec rose would complement both the occasion and the dessert. Brut (dry) champagnes should be saved for earlier courses.

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